Using Some Apps to Try Different Hairstyles


Do you want to have a new hairstyle but you feel worried whether or not the new hairstyle is suitable for you. Some women sometimes feel confused and doubtful about the hairstyles they want. Well, why don’t you Try Different Hairstyles with some fun apps? There are so many apps you can try to download and look how they work!

The first is Magic Mirror Change. It will allow you to have some experiments on new hairstyles. It includes the color of the hair. There are so many variations of hair’s colors. It is easy to operate this. Simply, you just take a picture of your face. Well, you can take selfie, and then the app will let you know the change of your appearance.

When you try Different Hairstyles with apps, there must be some features it offers. Magic Mirror Change also has the same. It offers some features such as: many choices of hairstyles available for woman and man; easy, clear and simple interface; many hair colors and possibility to create your own favorite color; facial detection operation which is sophisticated; etc. this app can be downloaded by iPhone, android, and windows. Another app is NewDo. This app is quite the same, but it has some differences with previous app mentioned before. The first advantage of this app is that it features unique style of hairstyle. You can choose the unique one that is suitable for your face.

When you want to try some different hairstyle with this app, you would be fascinated since it is not app that offers unrealistic hairstyle. So, you will find realistic hairstyle which is not weird in the real world. There will be several previews and they will allow you to discover each preview with the pose you have made and the face shape. It will also allow you discover skin color that uses 3D technology which is advanced. Now you can Try Different Hairstyles with ease.

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