Short Hairstyles for Weddings: Look At These Two Simple Hairstyles


Wedding is special occasion for every woman in the world. If you are getting married, you must be busy in preparing your wedding stuff. But, do not forget about yourself. Hairstyle for wedding! If you have short hair, you will be very glad to choose one of Short Hairstyles for Weddings below. These short hairstyle options will help you catch all attention.

The first style is Dutch Braid Updo. This style is quite simple, minimalist, but still very adorable. It is like the style of French hairstyle braid. When you have reached the end of the locks, the thing you need to do is hiding the tail. The tail is tucked under the hair of the braid. After that, you can pin it with some booby pin. The last step is adding some strands of droopily curly hair or side bangs in order to soften up the final appearance.

You do not need to have an accessory like a headband, but if you wish this Short hair wedding styles more luxurious and elegant, you can go for it. Another wedding hairstyle for short hair woman is Volume Boost Ponytail. This is for the bride whose short hair is not very short. In this hairstyle, there are short locks. They often need, even always need, additional boost of volume. Even it is needed in thick hair.

What you can do is dividing three sections from your hair. Then, create a ponytail which is low and it has one center. Pulling it tightly is the next step, then pin it. The last is layering the sections in the side of the top and you can secure it with bobby pins. What do you think of those two Short Hairstyles for Weddings? Good luck in performing one of these fashionable hairstyles for wedding!

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