How to Write Wedding Vow for Her


Wedding is the greatest occasion where everybody would dream about. It is the time when finally two people tie the knot, from strangers into someone that you would spend the rest of your life with. There are many essential things that you should prepare for the wedding day other than the details of the wedding occasion. The most meaningful one is the wedding vow. For men, wedding vow is not an easy task especially to a man who rarely said his feelings for his wife to be. Writing a perfect wedding vow would make the bride touched with the sincerity of the groom. There are many tips that you could apply on how to write wedding vow for her.

The first thing you could do is on how to write meaningful wedding vows for her. A woman would never resist the meaningful and truthful words that rarely come out from the men. Through this wedding vow you could deliver every single thing you felt from the first time you met her until your wedding day. Giving a conclusion on why you choose her as your bride is also a great idea to give your bride a surprise confession on wedding day. A meaningful vow does not always come in poetic language, but the truest confession will be more meaningful for you as you connect with every single word you said.

There is no exact composition on how to write wedding vows for her. The most important thing is you should list down all the things you want to say to her. You need to recall all the memories you had with her. Women like to hear every single detail from you, but remember to not have too long wedding vows because it will make the wedding boring. Remember to just say the most important and meaningful words you want to say to her. So, consider to revise the vows after you make one.

If you still find it difficult you can follow the wedding vow tips. This is only a simple template on how you should have the sequence of the vows. The first part is the declaration of love because there is no man who would not declare his love to the bride on wedding day. The second part would be the promises, this more complex form of the vow on how you should think about what you want her to know and to be relived from choosing you as her groom.

That is simply how to write wedding vows for her, but you need to remember that you should prepare the draft from a long time before the wedding day. Some people would have in a rush just because they are so busy in preparing the wedding day. So, make it more meaningful when you give a serious thought and also your honest feeling to her through the vows.

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