How to Get Monro-Like Pinks Hairstyles


Pink has been famous or familiar with her short hair since very long time even ever since she started her career in music. The short pinks hairstyles have been her characteristic that make people know and realize her. If you are the fans of her and want to know some secrets to get that short hair like her, you need to read this article. Here we will give you the ways to get the monro-like hairstyle that pink has ever tried and she looked very gorgeous.

To perform pinks short hairstyles, first, you need to have voluminous hair. If your hair is voluminous enough, you don’t need to do this first step. But if your hair is not, you need to apply the mousse to entire part of your hair.  Make sure that from the root to the tip part of the hair is completely applied with the mousse. Do this after you finish showering. This is because the hair condition is still moist and rich of nutrition. Besides, when the hair is clean, it’s better to do the hairstyles.

To dry your hair, you need to combine with round brush and hairdryer. It aims to blow dry your hair. So, you will get voluminous hair when it is dry. When you choose the brush to make this monro-inspired pinks hairstyle, you need to prefer choosing the one with boar bristles. If your natural hair is short, you need to do hair extensions. Make sure that you choose the best extension quality if you want to get the best result as well.

The last one is to make curls. There is one good brand that is recommended to get the perfect curl for your hair. It is White Sands Liquid Texture Firm. If the boys have pomade, the girls might this White Sands. This product is good because it protects your hair from heat when you curl your pinks hairstyles using the curling iron.

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