Funny or Romantic Wedding Vows You Choose?


Usually, Traditional wedding vows emphasizes on the religious aspect in the wedding day. Most people, usually Muslim, will take promise to do this and that based on Qur’an. Christians, mostly, will look at the bible to take some lines related to marriage, but what do you think of having other styles of wedding vows? For example, you can choose whether funny or romantic wedding vows for your wedding day.

If you think that you are not a romantic person, and it is hard to say romantic things, you feel it is quite silly maybe, you can choose funny wedding vows. There are many examples, one of them is that you say this: “I promise you to love you just like I love food, I promise you to love you as long as I live so better for you to pray to God every day that I’ll live longer if you want to be loved.” Well, or you can say, “I promise you not to remember things you don’t like such as my exes. What’s on my mind is now only you”.

If you do not want to have funny wedding vows, you might do choosing meaningful romantic wedding vows. You can say anything from your deepest heart. You can make your own. But sometimes, it is hard to think of romantic words though you are a romantic person. So, what about choosing a poem? Well, one example of meaningful romantic wedding vows is a poem for Anne Bradstreet entitled “To My Dear and Loving Husband” that was written for her husband. It was saying that there is no woman that is happiest than ever except her, because she is the husband’s wife. She says that in their marriage, she can’t repay his love. Heavens and God will repay her love.

Other example is romantic poem from William Shakespeare entitled “Shall I Compare Thee to the Summer”. This is about the beauty of a woman that cannot be compared even with the most wanted and waited season in Western belief, summer. By saying that, your bride will be very happy since she is convinced that she is the most beautiful woman ever for you.

The last option is that you can make a song as your romantic wedding vows. Some lines of romantic songs can be taken for wedding vows. There are abundant romantic verses from love songs that you can adopt as your wedding vows. Nevertheless, something that comes from your heart is much better and more appreciated than any other beautiful songs. So, which one you prefer, funny or romantic wedding vows?

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