Effortless Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair This Year


Hairstyles for men with long hair are sexy and masculine. This is the right statement to get a cool style without sacrificing the manly side. Men with long hair can be styled with trendy long hairstyle just like what you can see here. Even, the long hairstyles here are effortless. It means you can style these hairstyles with your own hands. It is easy and quick. The result is so awesome. Your long hair can boost up your manly character.

First, you will absolutely love how twist-in bun hairstyle can be applied to your long hair. This hairstyle even becomes a favorite choice as it can be worn both at casual or formal moment. It is good idea to go to work with this hairstyle. If you let your beard grow, it will make you look more masculine. This is one of the longer hairstyles for men that are seriously a hit in 2015. Today, it is still trending. You can be very stylish with this long hairstyle.

You can also wear half up pony for men. Even though it is often used by women, this hairstyle is also so wonderful for men. It makes them look sexy. You may have seen Brad Pitt and Kurt Cobain also wear this hairstyle. They look very sexy with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is actually inspired from 90s semi-bun hairstyle. It looks wonderful for all occasions either formal or informal. So, either you wear nice suit or just with T-shirt, you look great with this hairstyle.

Wearing semi-bun hairstyle is a good idea if you have long hair. This hairstyle is even said as practical long hairstyle that men can try. You will look so nice with this one. It is not hard to style your long hair in this look. Adding thin beard, you will be more masculine and manlier. Try this hairstyle or find other hairstyles for men with long hair here.

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