Easy, Simple, but Adorable Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair


When going to a formal occasion, the most interesting thing is the face appearance and hairstyle. There are so many options for straight hair women. What about short hair women? Well, do not worry, short hair women also have their right in choosing Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair when they want to go to a formal party, prom, or a wedding party.

The first choice is named as Short Hairstyle Twisted. The twisted hairstyle is very sweet. If you are in autumn or summer season, this hairstyle will work very well for you. It is very beautiful and nice. Staring with creating some untidy curls, then you will have a twist of the front pieces which is brought to the back. Before creating the twist, you can apply a headband. But, you can use other accessories if you feel headband is not too fascinating.

There are still some Formal hairstyles of short hair women for prom. It is quite different from the first one. It is called Poofy Bun that is easy to create. It is suitable for women who have short hair just above their shoulders. It is said that it is the hairstyle of sock buns. The next hairstyle is pineapple short hairstyle. It will create a complicated looking hairstyle. It is done to add style and dimension to your short hair. This is sassy and cute which have combination of loops and twist. Its end is like a pineapple leaf.

The other formal short hairstyle is French Hair Knot. It is very beautiful and looks complicated. But actually, it is the easiest one for formal hairstyle for short hair. In order to perform Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair, it is simple. The first step is tying knots in the hair. Then, as far as you go down of your hair, do the same. The last is tucking the end with bobby pins.

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