Choosing Hairstyles for Oblong Faces for Everyday Look


Oblong or square face people sometimes do not feel confident with their face shape. Oblong face looks stiff because of the lower jaw. Thus, they are trying to find the most matched hairstyles for oblong faces. Actually, there are many hair styles that can be references but people should be picky in choosing one certain hair style. Today we will give you some samples of hair styles for everyday look that can be applied by all oblong faced people.

The first rule of people in choosing hairstyles for oblong faces men is to choose the one that can hide the jaw, if you don’t like your jaw. For example, you can choose bob hairstyles. Bob was very famous since Vic Beckham used this style for her everyday look. You can choose this style because the front part of the hair is longer than the back part. It gives you a benefit that it can hide the jaw you hate. This bob is very simple and easy to treat.

Next, you can try any kinds of long hairstyles. Long hair is very safe for all people for all face shapes. You can also manage the hair with any style you want. You can let it be loose hair. You can also make a bun with your hair. To slightly hide your jaw, you can let slight hair loose on your right and left. This is the classic style of hair. This can be applied in pony tail hair. You can also add side swept bangs to give fresh look on your face.

Short hairstyles for oblong faces are so many. The key is to make your hair look voluminous. It aims to balance your hair with your face shape. You need to avoid the pixy hairstyle because it is very short and think. It will make your oblong face really visible. Now, this is your turn to choose.

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