Beautiful Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers Designs


Vintage wedding cake toppers are popular with its distinctive design. Mostly, the toppers are in the form of the wedding couple, bride and groom. This is one of the antique wedding cake toppers vintage that still pass down to the current generation. Yes, everything about vintage style is still loved by many people till today. It is not only for fashion, hairstyle or home improvements but also for wedding theme, wedding dress and also for the wedding cake toppers. As you are here, you are one of them.

These vintage wedding cake toppers can be really beautiful. You can find the toppers with so romantic designs when the bride and groom topper are together. The topper can be with certain designs like kissing, dancing or others. It makes these vintage style wedding cake toppers more wonderful. Look at how the face of the bride and groom topper. They look so romantic. They are like wishing something to be together for their eternal life and love. Each idea of the topper may tell something.

Indeed, these vintage wedding cake toppers come in various ideas starting from just standing together to do unique thing. You will find these vintage wedding cake tops are beautiful, romantic to funny. Yup, funny cake topper in vintage style can be a good idea to make all guests smile as the cake is shown to the wedding ceremony. These toppers are more than just a hope or symbol but also as part of the wedding cake and for the wedding itself. So, you need to be more careful in designing.

Looking at more images of vintage wedding cake toppers can inspire you with the designs and ideas of the toppers to select. If you desire to buy the toppers either online or offline, you may have a little bit boring toppers as they are almost in the same design. Otherwise, if you order a custom topper or you make it yourself, you can personalize the topper as what you really want. This is a good idea to try.

Usually, if you buy the cake from bakery you can buy the topper from other places such as purchasing online. But, if you order a custom design for the cake, the designer will ask you how the cake topper will be designed. Custom cake topper design gives you more options about how to personalize the topper following your cake design or what you want from formal to funny and even crazy design. See more pictures of vintage wedding cake toppers.

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