Unique Wedding Vows You Might Consider for Your Wedding Day


It is a must for couples who are getting married to have a vow for her groom or for his bride. You can look for some romantic, awesome, even unique wedding vows examples, and then you say it on your wedding day. But, sometimes people still feel confused what to say, maybe because they’re nervous enough to prepare wedding day. So if you are that person, maybe some Unique Wedding Vows below can inspire you.

The first is unique romantic wedding vows saying that “I will love you no matter what makes my blood circulate, or even no matter what provides my body with oxygen.” Usually, traditional wedding tends to be religious occasion, but with increasing rate of atheism, and marriages across faiths, there are more personalized expressions of commitment. So, this vow is suitable for you who have cross faiths or different believe, or you do not really care about religion, and if you are an atheist.

The next is “To never to hurt you just because I’m angry or tired”. It is awesome, because sometimes when you are having trouble and you are very stressful of life, you might hurt your couple with harsh sentence that might not be in purpose when you are saying it. Then, you might say “I’ll grab your butt even when we’re old and wrinkly”. Well, getting older is a must, but getting more mature is a choice. When we are not interested to switch our heart to others, it means that we’re mature enough to accept the condition of our couple. As you get older and older, even when your hair turns into grey, your love still remains the same even you sexual drive does not change towards her or him.

If you are engaged in a second marriage, you might choose this kind of unique wedding vows for second marriage. “I will continue my love to your children as if they were my own.” it means that you have known your bride or groom has already children from his or her previous marriage. So, by saying this, you promise to love them, too, not only your wife or husband.

The other example of Unique Wedding Vows is coming from poems. It is still rare that people use some poems written by great poets such as William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Browning, Anne Bradstreet, etc that wrote very romantic vows. You can look for their poems because they are the experts of romantic poems. It is unique when you say your promise with poem. Or, if you want, you can write your own poem special for your wedding day.

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