Lists of the Most Expensive Wedding Dress in History Ever!    


Many brides want to look as the most awesome and most beautiful woman ever in her wedding day. It is normal, as a bride wants to make the moment of her wedding with the man she loves become so perfect as possible. The things that they have to prepare are not only about the catering, the wedding concept, the rings, the cake, but what people will get attracted is the wedding dress they are wearing on that day. They can choose the most expensive wedding ring, but maybe it will not be seen on wedding day. How about to choose the Most Expensive Wedding Dress that is rare and beautiful?

There are some wedding dresses in the world produced by some most expensive wedding dress designers. The first is Danasha Luxury Gown that was made by Jad Ghandor and Danasha Luxury. It is a modern wedding gown that is suitable for a modern woman. This $1.5 million wedding dress is said that this gown is never to train, tulle, and frill. It excludes elegance without worrying how it will look once a woman fits in. It has 75 carats Antwerp, Belgium diamonds along with 18 carats gold 250 grams. It definitely makes this wedding dress a work of valuable art. No wonder if it is included as the most expensive wedding dress on say yes to the dress.

The second is the Diamond Wedding Gown. It costs around $12 million. Wow! The designers are collaboration between Renee Strauss and jewelry’s master, Martin Katz. This creation of wedding dress makes this as the most expensive wedding gown ever that was made in 2006. It is made of the finest fabrics and features 150 carats of diamonds. This gown was displayed at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Ray in 2006.

The next category of Most Expensive Wedding Dress is Mauro Adami Wedding Dress. It costs about $372,564. This beautiful and expensive wedding dress designed by Mauro Adami is a particular wedding dress that boasts platinum elements included in its construction. It has high dress silk that is sewn with platinum thread and it absolutely gives the dress a delicate metallic appeal. What adds value to this expensive dress is the handcrafted embroidery strewn across the dress and a gorgeous neckline assering its wearer’s beauty and confidence.

The last is Kate Middleton’s wedding Dress. It is perceived as the priciest wedding dress since it costs about $388,088. Wow, such a fantastic price! It is the most real highlight of Royal Wedding, because many women are dying to get their hands to what Kate wore at her wedding day. It uses more than most expensive materials and fabrics such as French Chantilly, English Cluny lace, ivory and white satin gazer. The designer is Sarah Burton. She creates a marvel on it that goes down as one of the Most Expensive Wedding Dress and most loved in the history ever!

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