Do These Things to Get Stylish and Cool Hairstyles for Fat Women


Hair is the most important aspect of women’s life. Sometimes, fat women feel nervous about having new hairstyles. They feel worry if the latest hairstyle will not work well in their hair. You, fat women, do not feel worry since there are so many Hairstyles for Fat Women and some tips for your round face.

The thing that you need to know when you have understood that you have big size body and round face, you’d better avoid very short haircut. Why? Well, actually short hair is suitable for thin woman whose face is oval or square. If you have a round face and big size body, your face will look more chubby and round. It can be illuminated by makeup, of course, but when you don’t apply your make up? That will be bad!  Besides, your lower part of your body will not be balance with the upper part since the upper part, the head, will look tiny, while the lower body remains big.

The next thing when having Haircuts that make face look slimmer is to avoid blunt lines. Many hair stylists say that the blunt line only tends to make you look older. Besides, it makes the round face you have look rounder and rounder than it actually is. What you can do is tiring to opt for one lob more or less three inches under the chin. It will make your collarbone extended down.

The next thing you can do is make a lob. It is because lob is appropriate for framing the round face. It can be a long lob under the jaw. It will absolutely make your face look thinner than the actual face. The other Hairstyles for Fat Women is going shorter than the lob. However, you need not to veer into cutesy area in order to avoid cuts that are above your chin with the straight line and the length of chin bobs.

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