Common Traditional Wedding Vows Ideas


It is said that there is no wedding without the vows. Traditional wedding vows are still used till today. Vows are actually sacred words that cannot be easily replaced with other words. Vows use words that have selected and used for centuries ago. Therefore, it is called as traditional vows. These vows are more than just about tradition. Therefore, vows are more than just words that have been passed down for the generation to the next generation.

You will know about traditional wedding vows that are commonly used in the world based on the religion. Yup, as long as wedding is sacred just like the vows sound, religion is part of the faith that cannot be separated for the life. So, you will also know vows that come from religion such as traditional catholic wedding vows. The vows are based on the catholic belief. This is so for other religions as each of them has their own vows to say by the groom.

Traditional wedding vows that come from the religion are very common. You have known so well about the “health and sickness” wedding vows which are very popular. There are many wedding couple use this vow. You can look at the sample wedding vows and read the text. There are some samples. If you think health and sickness wedding vow is enough, go for it. If you want to customize it a bit, you can look at more other ideas of traditional vows as there are others you need to know.

Look at the images or texts of traditional wedding vows ideas. Then you can consider selecting the vows based on tradition or religion or by the common vow used in your region. The point of the vow here is understandable for the groom, bride and also for all guests who attend the wedding. It is because traditional wedding vows are just like a license that you must say to be ‘legal’ couple. Then after the vow, the wedding couples become husband and wife.

So, vows are very crucial by both the religion and law. Indeed, in many countries wedding couple said to be a ‘legal’ couple when they have said the vows then it is proved with book of marriage. In that book all rights for each of groom and bride is mentioned. If one of them breaks the rule on the book, then the marriage will be broken. That is the meaning of traditional wedding vows where both of them should keep the vows strongly.

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